CABIRYA is a powerful and innovative search API (Application Program Interface) that through sophisticated and effective automatic tagging (e.g. person, object, text, interaction, location, mood) and scene boundaries detection technologies generates fast and relevant analytical research within individual frames up to complex narrative units of audio-visual works.

CABIRYA’s standardized multilanguage semantic metadata output with its advanced mapping system links similar scenes of different movies from different countries. All elements of each scene are related to each other to build a rich web of hyperlinks. Stimulated by scenes similarity, the user can approach to movies which probably he had never seen before and would not find with a common search engine.

CABIRYA assures added value to the market in terms of innovative strategies for distributing and promoting EU audio-visual works. This value is added via the strategic choice of a powerful search API exclusively devoted to EU audio-visual works. Every occurrence is linked back to the platform that hosts the content (Cabirya does not store the copyrighted content).

CABIRYA is born therefore as a cross-border and cross-language distribution tool of the European cultural and cinematographic realities. It is a light and functional platform, available for the users willing to reach and appreciate the European production, it is an advanced device where European filmmakers, producers, distributors, broadcasters as well as national or regional archives, film institutes or similar institutions can propose, add value or promote their catalogues.

The objectives of this ongoing project are to:

Thanks to all these features, innovative tools, and strategies CABIRYA is reaching out to wider audiences with European films and facilitates the circulation, distribution, and promotion of European audio-visual works.

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