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The only search engine for moving images
CABIRYA is a powerful and innovative search API that, through deep automatic tagging and scene boundaries detection technologies, generates fast and relevant research within individual frames up to whole movie scenes.
Automated movie frame deep tagging (person, object, brand, text, interaction, location, colour, shot, emotion) and accurate metadata generation allowing each audio-visual work to be reached through an almost infinite combination of keywords. This improves the quality of search results and creates more precise targeted recommendations.
Frame, shot & scene boundaries detection in addition with a cinematic based model rating of semantic and narrative relevance allowing the recognition of the most significant sequences and the automated generation of a content summarization of each film, tailored on user viewing preferences.
Advanced mapping system links similar scenes of different movies from different countries. All elements of each scene are related to each other to build a rich web of hyperlinks. The user can navigate through the content in a very granular fashion enjoying an almost endless streaming playlist in constant evolution.
The audio-visual works are automatically subtitled in the principal European languages. The optional parallel subtitles, in the original and user’s local language will guide and support the user in his exploration of the rich European language landscape.
CABIRYA’s advanced mapping system, linking similar scenes of different movies from different countries, and its automatic subtitling tool allow the users to discover Europe in its intriguing cultural variety and complexity.


CABIRYA offers both a novel standalone multiplatform search engine and an embeddable service for existing VOD platform, providing the users with tailored recommendations, fast and accurate search output frame by frame, scene by scene, and enhanced discovery experience.


The standardized multilanguage semantic metadata system of CABIRYA allows filmmakers, producers, distributors, broadcasters as well as national or regional archives, film institutes or similar institutions to increase the visibility and global distribution of their content reaching a far wider audience.


CABIRYA promotes new approaches to audience development in the digital age with an innovative social offering designed for a dynamic, varied, trans-national community of viewers.
CABIRYA both as standalone multiplatform search engine as an integrated service in existing VOD platform, provides the users with tailored recommendations, fast and accurate search output and enhanced discovery experience, magnifying each single scene of the great European film heritage.

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